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icons - f(x)
Hi! :) So this time I wanted to make some icons of f(x). I'm so into them now, so I had to do something. I hope I made it well. :D
Feel free to use them, but please credit me and don't claim them as your own. The usual. :D
Oh, and please leave a comment if you like or/and take them! I'd be really happy :)

(Gotta do some more of Amber, especially. Oh, my. This girl.)



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adorable, all of them!

number four is gorgeous, I'll used and credit.

Only because of Amber <3 Haha!
Thank you for using it! :)

Ooh! These are lovely.

And yes, more Amber is always nice! :)

Thank you! :)
More are coming soon <3

All them are so cute! I'm taking. <3

Aw, thank you! Have fun with them :)

I just stumbled upon these today! Gorgeous! I'm taking <3 credit shall be given

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